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Expert Witnesses & Criminal Defense Teams

Criminal Defense and Mitigation Investigators provide one of the most important roles on a criminal defense team. Our investigators will verify and validate the information contained within the prosecution’s case. Our team of investigators has the experience and training to assist the defense in identifying errors, omissions and truthfulness within the state’s case. Our defense investigations will ensure that all proper procedures were adhered to during the police investigation. With skills developed over years of conducting interviews, our investigators speak with each witness to establish the value of information, personal character and credibility, along with their recall of events. Our investigative professionals review each recorded statement and video to assess the strengthens and weakness of each piece of evidence. We will examine crime scenes, photographs, and physical evidence for appropriate case value. Our focus is to provide the absolute best in investigative services for criminal defense to assist in securing the best possible case resolution.

Crime Scene Markings

Expert Witness Services

From traffic homicide to blood spatter, we have a wide range of in-house expertise. If we don't have the necessary skill available, we'll help you locate the right person for the job, including vetting them and ensuring they have the necessary credentials. We take our name very seriously.

The experts we provide in-house or contracted represent us, and we'll always ensure they do their very best for you.


Our mitigation services provide will work with the defendant to prepare appropriate and valuable mitigation. We conduct thorough investigations into the history of the accused to identify potential mitigating factors that should be presented. Our mitigation investigators identify and interview lay witnesses to include family members, peers, co-workers, teachers, clergy and other social contacts of the defendant who may hold important pieces of the puzzle of defendant’s life experience to provide important supporting mitigating evidence. We will highlight incidents of abuse, neglect or disabilities to support defense efforts.


As approved contractors with the Justice Administrative Commission (JAC) we provide services that are afforded through state programs to assist people accused of crimes. Our extensive experience in managing these types of cases allows the defense to focus on the criminal case issues instead of the administrative situation that can defuse defense team efforts.

Criminal Defense Investigations and Full JAC Case Management

Our criminal defense investigative team is made up of former law enforcement detectives who are thoroughly familiar with the inner workings of the criminal justice court systems. When our team takes on a case we work closely with defense attorneys to develop a plan of action to obtain a positive result in the case or mitigate sentencing. Our team of support staff manages the entire JAC process — from initial motions, Indigent for Costs or Court Appointed court case assignment paperwork, and judicial orders to obtaining payment direct from JAC through our contractual agreement with the JAC.